Climate strategy: getting managers on board

With our Sustainability Game Experience
At one of our international customers in China, we raised awareness among managers about different perspectives on sustainability in companies. The measure ran as a parallel to the development of the climate strategy for the site.
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About the client

Our client is an internationally active manufacturer of household and electrical appliances with a total of around 3,600 employees.

For this project, we worked with managers from the site in China.


Through the Sustainability Game Experience and the subsequent workshop, managers are made aware of the many perspectives of sustainability in companies. Once an initial common understanding has been created, measures for a more sustainable company can be derived and integrated into the site’s climate strategy.


Sustainability must be lived by the entire company. It is therefore important to involve employees and managers at an early stage in the development of a sustainability strategy.

The aim is to raise initial awareness of the topic of sustainability and to understand how the three pillars of ecology, social justice and economy are linked to a wide variety of areas of the company. The Sustainability Game Experience is also intended to show that sustainable management is not at odds with economics. After all, if you don’t invest in sustainability, you end up paying more!

Based on this, concrete measures are developed, which are passed on to the management and taken into account for the development of a climate strategy for the site.


  • Running our sustainability simulation (Simulation Game Experience)
  • Transfer of the learning from the simulation in the subsequent workshop
  • Development of ideas for a more sustainable company
  • Transfer of the ideas developed in the workshop to management
  • Reflection on the findings from the simulation for embedding in the company’s climate strategy

Get managers on board

Raising awareness and getting managers on board before rolling out a climate strategy

Hybrid setup

Execution in hybrid setup


Bilingual workshop in English and Chinese language

The result

The managers understand the complexity of the topic of sustainability and have developed conclusions for the company and for their personal day-to-day management.

Management has received important input from its own managers in order to integrate it into the climate strategy.

The active involvement and onboarding is intended to increase commitment to the new strategy.

Michael Hartl: Managing Director EF Electrical (Shenzhen)