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We support your master craftsmen and shift supervisors along the value chain in developing their leadership skills!
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Leading in production

The industrial working day differs significantly from other areas of work: quality and quantity orientation, shift work, large manager-to-staff ratios and value creation processes based on the division of labor, all combine to make production an exciting area.

In particular, the acute shortage of skilled workers, collaboration and work organization, as well as the management of (intercultural) teams, confront people and organizations with special challenges.

In order to achieve the corresponding effectiveness of our personnel and organizational development measures, we take into account the appropriate framework conditions and focus all our efforts on the specific requirements of your day-to-day business.

On-site, online and international

Over 2,500 participants from 3 different continents

Over 25 years of experience

Our expertise

  • Development of business leaders
  • Improving group and team collaboration in shift systems
  • Strategy development to achieve common goals in production settings
  • Accompanying groups or individuals in change processes
  • On-going training of technical trainers
  • Sensitization of multicultural teams
  • Facilitation of workshops

Target Groups

Target Groups

Target Groups

In our training programs we accompany both managers from various manufacturing areas, and also from technical teams such as production control, production planning, warehouse management, logistics, quality management, maintenance and repair, technical services and maintenance, etc.

Our concept

What makes us different? Each of our programs is unique.
Our learning journeys and learning architectures are customized to fit your organization’s unique characteristics, culture and values.

Talent program

For employees with potential: The focus of this initiative is “identify young talents, create prospects & retain them”. As a rule, participants are nominated by their supervisors (their nomination can be validated additionally through our diagnostic assessment), and then they progress through the program together as a fixed group.

It is also helpful to generate a mix from different departments (production, maintenance, production support areas and logistics) so that the program, in addition to being purely knowledge transfer, also results in the creation of (cross-plant/departmental) team building and networking.

During the program, the talented employees deal with topics such as personal location analysis, self-management, and role change from colleague to manager as well as communication.

Development program

For technical managers: Often they find themselves in a “sandwich position” between management practice and their own staff. They come into contact with a leadership role for the first time without having disciplinary responsibility.

Of course, this is also a suitable means of developing one’s own employees and counteracting the shortage of skilled workers – because in this case, managers are often recruited from within the company’s own ranks. Program contents are e.g. the reflection on the role change, basics of leadership and its communication, dealing with changes as well as their effects on one´s own team.

Leadership workshop

For shift supervisors with disciplinary responsibility, master craftsmen and foremen: Both the productivity and quality as well as the retention of skilled workers in a company depend, to a large extent, on leadership skills.

Therefore, participants examine their own leadership role, leading critical/conflicting conversations, leadership communication in change processes as well as the possibilities for influencing the development of their own team.

Leadership workshop

Leadership workshop

Leadership workshop

Example of a learning journey for disciplinary managers

How to be effective through individual learning journeys

  • Interactive modules based on the client’s values, with a high practical content and peer mentoring
  • Fixed group of max. 12 participants
  • Transfer phases between the modules of approx. 6-8 weeks, to work through the transfer tasks and intensify the networking among the participants
  • Networking among themselves and within the company to synchronize leadership behavior
  • Guidance of the participants by the direct manager, e.g. dialogues on the basis of predefined questions on goal setting
  • Involvement of the management team: in the form of motivational speeches or informal dialogues and fireside evenings, etc.
  • Modules take place as in-house events on the customer’s premises or in a seminar hotel.
  • Plant tours – also through the production facilities of other industries/customers
  • Target group oriented, practical and interactive implementation of the program content

What challenges are you facing? We are available for a no obligation exchange of information as your sparring partner. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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