Leadership without formal authority


Your Situation

This seminar is intended for employees who either have a leading function for teams in projects or departments but unable to perform any disciplinary measures. However, these managers are still confronted with almost the same themes as those managers who can exercise authority. Providing feedback, motivating teams, delegating tasks, getting colleagues in the boat, clarifying conflicts, developing teams are all in a day´s work.

To what extent can you lead effectively in the role of technical expert? Can you exercise any influence over the employees or are you completely alone and helpless? Are groups generally led more easily when authority or power is wielded?

Your Benefit

This seminar will provide you the instruments and support necessary to develop effective management skills. You will learn to apply alternative "non-authoritative" approaches which enable you to convince and motivate employees to perform their tasks dutifully and enthusiastically. You will experience the effectiveness off constructive feedback and enhance your communications skills significantly.


Managing – what responsibility does this mean for me, the workers and the firm?

  • Creating your own role
  • The Sandwich Dilemma: Being the colleague, being the "boss"

Consciously communicated management

  •  Applying verbal and nonverbal communication in the right situation

Feedback and Reflection

  • Feedback – for self-help
  • Giving and receiving feedback

Dealing with challenging situations

  • Motivation: myself and others
  • Chances and limits
  • Identifying and dealing with conflicts early

Team structures and dynamics

  • Building up your teams actively


  • Professional Input
  • Group work
  • Role plays
  • Video Analysis



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Learning Process Support, Transformation & Change Management, Leadership, Train the Trainer


English, German


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