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Meyer und Kappeller

CONTUR GmbH and Meyer & Kappeller GbR have now been in partnership for more than 10 years. This is a partnership which we estimate highly and which has become very important for us. Together we have dealt with changes, innovation and crises, in the market as well as among our costumers. We can absolutely rely on CONTUR GmbH as our partner, as our customer and as our colleagues.

Our work as systemic supervisors, moderators and tutors for change processes with and for CONTUR GmbH is among other things so enriching because we are granted such an exceptional amount of trust and creative freedom. Together with respectful treatment typical for close colleagues we experience support and encouragement in a new way which pushes us to achieve excellent results without feeling awkward or pressed. Whenever there are new challenges, we know for sure that we have always a reliable partner next to us. This has made working with CONTUR such a valuable experience for us. A model for partnership as exceptional as can be. Thank you very much indeed for that.

Barbara Meyer und Bernd Kappeller, Website
Michael Hardtmann I Trainer & Berater der CONTUR

We were first engaged to work with CONTUR in 2008, in the context of an international development program for young leaders. This first experience proved to be the foundation for a long-term relationship that has continued to grow over the years.

Our work with CONTUR centres around global teams and leaders, and the development of these in various fields and dimensions, including interpersonal skills, communication and intercultural collaboration. We provide content, contribute to brainstorming, offer structures and didactic approaches - but always, the work is founded on trust, mutual interests and productive collaboration. Within the firm and amongst network partners, we are seen and treated as equals, and each of us is able to contribute in their own unique way.

CONTUR sets itself apart from many of our other cooperation partners - and thereby makes itself our partner of choice - in its mutual respect and consideration of our needs, as well as the fair recognition of all our contributions. Yes, CONTUR sets high standards for us, but the company and its people make them a pleasure to achieve and to exceed. Their standard of ethics and their treatment of partners is second to none - we feel like they take good care of us, as we try to take of them. Working with CONTUR is more like working with old friends - easy, natural, unencumbered and mutually beneficial. Not to mention fun!

Michael Hardtmann


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